How do you know if you can trust the medical resources available at Tonic App?

Last updated: 15.04.2024


Tonic App curates, for you, the best medical resources in a single platform, to facilitate your day-to-day work.ย It is already used by more than 140,000 doctors in Portugal, France, Spain and Italy.ย By the end of 2024 Tonic App will be available in the United Kingdom. In 2022 we launched our first app for nurses in Portugal, Tonic Nurses.

Our company was co-founded by physicians, for physicians, and our CEO is a medical doctor herself. We have an internal medical team and collaborate with a network of local physicians in each country we operate.

Tonic App is a CE-marked medical device to ensure that all its clinical calculators and scales are safe and perform as intended per their original formulas.

Our diagnosis, treatment and patient referral decision trees are always developed by our external medical consultants with specific training in the relevant field / specialty and supervised by our internal team.

All content and tools included in the app are carefully curated and reviewed by our in-house medical team and supported by European and national guidelines and scientific evidence that is explicitly indicated in each resource. All contents are also versioned and dated, followed by a robust update process to ensure the continuous validity of the recommendations. Any needed translation is supervised by native physicians for each of the languages Tonic App is available.

We do not only translate content: we make sure it is adapted, as necessary, to the specificities of each European country where we are present, working with National guidelines and official documents and local medical scientific societies, medical professional societies and patient associations.

Finally, we provide our doctor users easy access to our team, not only through a support email, but as well through a contact form visible from every feature within the application. We receive and answer around 1900 comments or suggestions from our users every year.