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Medical Journey 2020-2021
85.000 physicians. 7.5M datapoints.

What is included?

Executive Summary | November 2021

  1. Demography – age & gender distribution, specific professional interests, job seeking behaviour
  2. Digital profiling – persona, mobile platform preference, social media & other channels
  3. Digital activity benchmarked by specialty
  4. User behaviour – by medical resource, pathology & key search terms
  5. Physicians’ journey through time since Jan’20
  6. Geo data – distribution of physicians & their activity by region & country
  7. Comparison between Italy, Spain & Portugal

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    Report Sample


    In our Medical Journey Report - Oncology, we go deep into real-world data to provide you takeaways like:

    • A yearly digital engagement record by oncologists, up 53% from the previous high in 2020
    • The medical resources most used by oncologists in 2021 were the Body Surface Area calculator, TNM staging (breast, renal & ovary cancer) and the BRCA criteria
    • Compared to the other medical specialties, Covid-19 content was never as popular among oncologists, despite reaching #1 when the pandemic was declared
    • YoY growth of 61% in job seeking shows strong will to change and find new opportunities post-covid
    • Geodata reveals heavy concentration of activity by oncologists in the largest metropolitan centres, with engagement reaching 15x higher volume
    • Lisbon and Lombardy emerge as the most digitally committed with oncology resources, together with Castelo Branco, La Rioja and the whole South of Italy

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    Evolution of the usage of medical resources by oncologists in volume & rank: cancer staging jumped 147% 12 months after the start of the pandemic, while job search is now number 2 as the most used digital resource.

    Usage of oncology resources by physician and location: although oncologists are highly concentrated in the large cities – Rome, Madrid, Lisbon, Milan, Barcelona, Porto – the south of Italy, Castilla León and La Rioja in Spain, and Castelo Branco in Portugal show the highest engagement with cancer staging tools, calculators and decision algorithms.

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    The reports were created by our data science team with aggregated data from the medical platform Tonic App, which is used by more than 85.000 physicians across Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    Tonic App curates, for them, the best professional resources in a single platform, ranging from video consultation, to eprescription, clinical algorithms, medical decision trees, jobs, among others.