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The best professional medical resources in a single application

Virtual medical assistant
Powered by ChatGPT

Dr. Tonic is a virtual assistant created by Tonic App, based on the language model trained by OpenAi, creator of ChatGPT. It has been trained with over 500 GB of texts found in articles, books and internet pages and is able to answer your questions on the most diverse topics.

Calculators and
certified scales

Access to more than 60 medical calculators for adults and children! Anti-pyretic doses, glomerular filtration rate, gestational age, and many others. Allows you to store your favourite calculators so that your calculations get faster.

Decision support trees for diagnosis, treatment and referral

Clinical decision trees for many pathologies, based on the best European and national consensus.
Hip pain, perianal pathology, skin and soft tissue infections, anemia, hepatic encephalopathy, and more.

Video consultation

Easy to use and encrypted. No need for patients to download an app.

Medical jobs

Adverts for jobs in all specialties, nationally and internationally.
Updated every Monday.

Reference ranges for laboratory tests

Find the reference ranges for more than 1400 laboratory tests.

Drug conversion

Summary tables for dose adjustment or drug conversion.

Tonic quiz

Answer the question of the day in Tonic quiz. Test your knowledge every day and have fun!

Always updated with the latest news:

Tonic words

Guess the medical word of the day in fewer than 6 attempts.
Play every day to get a better ranking than your colleagues!

Health news

Weekly summary of health news, written by doctors, for doctors.
Out every Friday.

Medical conferences

Search engine for medical conferences. Includes the ability to filter by price, country and specialty.

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