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Tonic App is a CE-marked medical device

Tonic App is a medical device to guarantee the quality and safety of its clinical algorithms and is accredited by the European Accreditation Council in CME (UEMS-EACCME) as an e-library.

Designed by doctors, for doctors.

Useful to all medical specialties and free. More than 111,000 doctors already use it! Interested?

Certified calculators and scales

Adult and pediatric: dosing of antibiotics and antipyretics, glomerular filtration rate, pregnancy and more! Save your favorites. CE-marked medical device.

Medical jobs updated weekly!

Find openings for your specialty, including private and public positions, national and cross-border. Updated every Monday.

Clinical decision trees

Diagnosis, treatment and patient referral decision trees: skin and soft tissue infections, heart failure, tonsillitis, Parkinson's disease, syncope and much more. We publish a new pathology every Wednesday!

Drug dosing and interactions

Find the help you need to treat your patients.

Covid-19 Information

Updated daily, including management of other pathologies and vaccines information. Weekly summary of the most relevant scientific articles.

Medical congresses

Search by price, location and specialty, worldwide! Suggest your own medical events.

Weekly summary of the healthcare news

Keep up to date! We publish a weekly digest of the healthcare news every Friday! You can access the original articles and the most relevant tweets.

Discussion of clinical cases

Use our communication platform to safely discuss clinical cases, coordinate care, refer patients or ask for a second opinion.

"I am an anesthetist and this application has been a great help with the pandemic!"

George Roberts

"An app that includes all the tools I need for my clinical practice!"

Laura Clark
General practitioner

"Very useful for surgeons."

Oscar Wilson
General surgery

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Proud to have been recognised by these incredible organisations:

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